Export Business Consulting

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A. Users of the company's product quality, technology, use, maintenance consulting, complaints.

In addition to direct contact with the handling of sales staff, at any time to the company's

technical experts to seek detailed consulting services.

(1) Mr  Chen  (Mechanical Engineer). Mobile phone: 13544564712 fixed: 020-26261260

(2) Mr Peng (Quality Engineer). Mobile phone: 13710069968 fixed: 020-86060228.

(3) Mr. hung (Cleaner Engineer). Mobile phone: 13710754178 fixed: 020-36098451.


B. Users to the company's product quality, technology, use, maintenance, consulting and complaints,

please provide the following product information.

(1) the name of the product model, the date of product launch, product traceability. Product use environment.

(2) detailed product quality, technical advice and complaints. As far as possible with pictures.

(3) the fault and maintenance of the consultation, please provide detailed performance, the user's own inspection,

maintenance process and results.


C. Repair product repair consulting

If you want to query the machine which returned to our company to repair, can directly contact the company

Mr.He (maintenance technician). Tel: 020-26261261.

The online service hours are from Monday to Friday 8:30--17:00.



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