AS-690 Battery Sweeping Machine

1. The whole machine looks stylish and the lines are both smooth and powerful, abundant color.
2. The structure of the whole machine is firm, the base is welded with high-strength sheet metal, and it is equipped with multiple surface anti-rust treatment, which is suitable for cleaning under various conditions. The cover is made of high-strength rotomolding and is scratch-resistant and impact resistant.
3, the whole machine can be easily tilted back and forth, easy to clean through the road potholes and large pieces of garbage.
4, the armrest can be folded, the angle adjustment is convenient, and the fixing is firm. Can adapt to the operation of people of different heights..
5. The operation panel is clean and easy to operate, and the operator can operate without professional training
6, you can choose to add watering function, spray water to the front, to suppress the slight dust. To meet the cleaning of high-end venues.
7. The whole machine is equipped with high-quality motor, and the total noise is less than 58 decibels. It is most suitable for residential areas, schools, hospitals and other places that require quiet cleaning.
8. The whole machine is equipped with high-quality maintenance-free battery and charger. The charging time is short and the battery life is up to 5 hours
9, using a powerful suction motor and high-efficiency air filter, no dust in the cleaning.

Technical Data