LC-30SF Carpet&Sofa Cleaner

1. Wet and dry vacuuming.

The machine is equipped with a full set of vacuuming accessories, which can be wet&dry vacuuming by connecting different accessory parts.
2. Carpet cleaning.

Equipped with a special steel carpet sucker and a plastic sucker, it can clean all kinds of carpets when choosing the carpet cleaning function.
3, sofa cleaning.

Equipped with an adjustable rotating foam grinding head,you can clean all kinds of sofas and seats by foam when choosing the sofa cleaning function.The working voltage DC12V of the grinding head is very safe.
4, curtain cleaning.

With a wider curtain sucker,you can clean the curtains without removing it by choosing the carpet cleaning function,
5.The machine is equipped with a 10L clean water tank, which can put into various of cleaning solution, or it can do cleaning with clean water alone.

Technical Data

The LC-602SF carpet & sofa cleaning machine is a portable and multi-functional cleaning machine which is designed by Super Clean for modern household and commercial cleaning applications that requires a variety of cleaning machines. It is light, compact and reliable with quick functions conversion.It can used for wet&dry vacuuming ,carpet& sofa cleaning, curtain cleaning.

1 machine = vacuum cleaner + carpet cleaner+ sofa cleaner+ curtain cleaner