Applications & Features: This product is blue liquid. It is designed on the basis of mixing and innovation of cationic compound and diphenyl ether compound. It can effectively kill funguses and even can kill gammae. It is mainly used to disinfect and clean the surfaces of various textile, human body, industrial equipment, hospital equipment and furniture. In addition, it can clean various dress materials but not de-color the clothes.
Main Compositions: Quaternary ammonium salt, cationic compound, diphenyl ether compound, non-ionic surfactant, fatty alcohol.
Usage & Dosage: The pure liquid possesses efficient biological activity and can be used after being diluted with water for 100-1000 times as per different purposes.
Considerations: This product should be used after being diluted. It is for external use, so it is prohibited to take it orally. In addition, it should be kept out of children's reach.