Travel Notes for 2019


Early in the morning, the whole world is clear, and the sun shines gently on all things through the faint tremor, giving a pleasant feeling.

6.23 Early in the morning, a group of small friends gathered at the gate of the company. Supposedly, they had a rest on the weekend.

What are they doing?

It turns out that today is the day for all the staff of Super Clean Company to organize tours.


Four buses were waiting in the company early in the morning


After more than an hour’s drive, we finally arrived at Yingxiang Ecological Park.

Come on … let’s take a group photo first.




It’s starting to enter the garden.


Let’s enjoy the elegant demeanor of Super Clean employees’ life together.


Ling Yun Fei Du, Glass Bridge♥ 


Tired of playing, I replenished energy at the garden restaurant at noon.

It was all our people.^-^

Garden Promenade






In the evening, although everyone was very tired

They were all very happy and full of passion

But night was coming, so we could finish the trip

Gather for the return trip



Back at the factory, it is not fatigue that is waiting for us.


It’s a special local banquet prepared by the company for us


Eat, drink and be good to fight for tomorrow!!


Come on!!


Super Clean has always been your trustworthy tomorrow!