Sterilization And Odour-removed Agent

Use features: This product is a new type and multi-purpose quaternary amine compound disinfectant. It contains water quality regulator, desiccant and deodorant ingredient and it is proud of a variety of effects. It is suitable for eliminating odor and controlling mold in the bedroom, storage room, bathroom, toilet, refrigerator, warehouse, garbage room and other places.
Ingredient characteristics: Quaternary amine salt, solvent and essence.
Usage and dosage: It is recommended that 50g product is added to per 100 kg water.
1. The cap must be tightened and the product shall be stored in the place away from the children.
2. Wear protective clothes when using. It shall not contact the skin, mouth and eyes.
3. If it contacts the skin, mouth and eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of water. If any discomfort occurs, please consult doctors immediately.