Use features: This product is alow foam liquid and high efficiency degreasing agent,containing alkali, solvent and surfactant. lt is specially designed for cleaning the kitchen and cooking oil stains, while it can clean the stubbom oi1 coke that can' t be cleaned by the ordinary cleaner.
1ngredient characteristics: Caustic alkali, amphoteric surfactant and solvent.
Usage and dosage: lt is recommended to use 3-10% of the product.
1. The cap must be tightened and the product shall be stored in the place away from the children.
2. Wear protective equipment when using. lt shall not contact the skin and eyes. Never eating.
3. lf it contacts eyes, rinse them immediately with plenty of water.
4. lf it contacts skin, rinse them immediately with plenty of water.
5. lf any accident or discomfort occurs, please consult doctors immediately.
6. lt shall not be used for paint or aluminum surface.